President Biden and members of his family are spending Thanksgiving weekend on Nantucket, and the island’s Chamber of Commerce has this reminder from the local health department:

As a result of increasing cases across the Cape and Islands, The Town of Nantucket’s Health and Human Services Department is advising all residents and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to use masks while indoors and at public locations when physical distance is not possible. The increased virulence of the Delta variant, and its high ability to infect even those vaccinated in some cases, means that masking and distancing are strongly recommended at this time.

President Biden either didn’t see the sign on a store window or didn’t care, because he went full “science denier” (according to the Left’s definition of the term) at a Nantucket business on Saturday:

This speaks “rules for thee but not for me” volumes:


That’s a very telling grab from the video.

Especially when the island requires them indoors.

Psaki might spin it that way, even though Nantucket officials recommend indoor masking in public indoor places, especially if they’re crowded.

Just watch though — when Biden’s leaving the island with Dr. Jill and they’re walking all alone to the plane, he’ll be wearing a mask. It’s all for show.



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