CNN’s Oliver Darcy was complaining yesterday that the “right-wing media” have spent waaaaaay too much time talking about the National School Boards Association’s letter calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists” and Merrick Garland’s memo taking the NSBA’s deranged spin and running with it.

Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon’s reporting, we now know that NSBA officials and the White House may very well have collaborated before the NSBA letter went out and coordinated to go after parents questioning public schools’ agendas.

Recall that the case cited by the NSBA and subsequently in Garland’s memo was that of Loudoun County father Scott Smith, whose daughter was allegedly raped in May in a high school bathroom by a “gender fluid” student. On June 22, LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler explicitly said that “to my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

We’ve more than just suspected that he was lying, and our suspicions have been confirmed:

So, Oliver Darcy … is this a story yet, or nah?

Is it time to let it be heard outside the “right-wing media” you so despise?

“Parental outrage.” Still think the real problem in the LCPS system is “parental outrage” and not coverups of sexual assaults?

And how about this bit?

Just in case CNN’s readers weren’t clear enough on who the bad guys are in this scenario,

They’ll do whatever they need to in order to avoid the real story.

Yesterday, Garland claimed before the House Judiciary Committee that he “[didn’t] know any of the facts” of the Smith/LCPS case. Maybe he should pay more attention to the “right-wing media,” then. Because he sure as hell isn’t going to get the facts from Oliver Darcy and CNN.