U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee about, among other things, his memo classifying parents who raise concerns about their children’s welfare at public school board meetings.

GOP Rep. Chip Roy figured that this would be a good opportunity to ask Garland about Loudoun County father Scott Smith, whose daughter’s alleged rape by a male student in a skirt was covered up by Loudoun County Public Schools. Seems relevant to the conversation at hand, seeing as Smith is one of those “domestic terrorists” that Biden’s DOJ and the National School Board Association have been going on about.

So Rep. Roy asked him about it. Here’s what Garland had to say:

Beg your pardon, Mr. Attorney General?

Hol’ up now, Merrick. We’re gonna need to stop you right there.

“Wow” is right.

As he should have:

Something’s not adding up here.

But that NSBA letter played a pretty important role in the DOJ’s memo …


So is Merrick Garland lying before Congress? Seems to be a pretty popular pastime these days.

It’s either lying, or staggering ignorance on his part of what the DOJ is actually doing.

Thank goodness for not-so-small favors:

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