This story out of Loudoun County just gets worse and worse.

And while school board member Beth Barts has resigned her seat, it’s beginning to sound like they all should.

As well as Superintendent Dr. Ziegler.

They knew of the rape of the high school girl in the bathroom by a boy in a skirt who was allowed into the girl’s bathroom because of the VA law signed off by Governor Northam THE DAY IT HAPPENED.


From The Daily Wire:

Three weeks later at a June 22 board meeting focused on a transgender policy that affects bathrooms, school board member Beth Barts asked if there were sexual assaults in the bathrooms regularly, and Ziegler responded that he didn’t have record of any occurring.

Barts noted that Ziegler’s comment failed to reflect a 2018 locker room assault, which she pointed out involved all male players, thus highlighting that assaults can occur whether or not transgender students are present.

Barts knew there was.

Ziegler knew there was.



Calling the Loudoun County School Board ‘sociopaths’ is an insult to sociopaths everywhere.



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