Let’s go Brandon … oops, sorry. Biden. *snort*

So, President Biden had himself a CNN Town Hall last night and as you can likely imagine, it was a hot dumpster of cringe, awful, and embarrassing as he stumbled and bumbled through the pre-scripted questions from Dem-sympathetic CNN hosts.

And if you thought THAT was bad, think about how awful it was for the White House staff who were busy during the Town Hall trying to correct and clarify everything Biden said IN REAL-TIME.


And this guy got 81 million votes.

Alrighty then.


What Biden MEANT when he said … what he meant to say was … etc.

Not enough Wheaties on this planet.

Yes, #IncoherentJoe is indeed trending this morning on Twitter.

Oh yeah.

As they have been since he took office.


It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad and dangerous.



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