Did we mention Fauci lied and people died? Because Fauci DID lie and people DID die.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Sen. Rand Paul delivered perhaps the biggest and baddest ‘I told you so’ ever on social media when the news broke that Dr. Fauci had indeed lied about Gain-of-Function research at the Wuhan lab. For months, Paul has been trying to tell Americans the truth, and for months the media has protected Fauci, going so far as to attack the senator from Kentucky. Drew Holden was good enough to ‘collect’ all of the media tweets (and some pundit tweets) to show how desperate they all were to protect the High Priest of COVID.

Even if that meant hiding the truth.

AKA, Drew brought the receipts.

In other words, oopsie, Paul WAS right and Fauci lied.

The press did what they always do and protected THE NARRATIVE instead of reporting on the truth.

Shocker. CNN got it wrong.


MSNBC claiming Fauci ‘owned’ Paul.

Keep in mind, Joy Reid works for MSNBC.

Get it yet?

C’mon man, even a judge has said Maddow is simply entertainment and not the news.


Wouldn’t hold your breath on this one.

Interesting. Fauci lies, one outlet does an interview with Fauci to claim he didn’t lie, then other outlets treat THAT interview as gospel.

See a trend yet?

Not true in a big way.

When will they slap Four Pinocchios on Fauci?

And themselves?

Glenn Kessler.

Of course.

Seems clear NBC had an agenda to push.

Case closed.

It was Paul’s fault Fauci got combative, not that he’d been caught lying his arse off.



Shame on these a-holes.

We’re not the least bit surprised Feigl-Ding, the nutritionist who pretends to be a real doctor who moved his kids out of the country and sent them to private school IN PERSON while he fought to keep Americans’ kids out of school, was on the Fauci bandwagon.

Navarro. (woof) EL OH EL

Sorry, but it would be more newsworthy if Seth and Aaron actually DIDN’T get something wrong.

Never. Right. About. Anything.


People with masks in their avatars need help.


Drew is so damn cool.

And the media is so damn awful.



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