We honestly had to read this more than once to make sure it really was Cheri Jacobus and she really WAS going after The Lincoln Project. Knowing how buddy-buddy she and Rick Wilson used to be this sort of surprised us …

Tearing into them for being grifters and pocketing lots of money was not something we had on our Cheri BINGO card.

Dog smells his own hole.

Just sayin’.

She kept going:

What’s really costing Democrats is how absolutely abysmal Joe Biden is doing BUT if she wants to blame Rick Wilson and his merry band of toadies who are we to say otherwise?

To be fair, she blocks pretty much anyone who disagrees with her but still.

Always a grift with Steve Schmidt is involved but we digress.

Almost sounds like Cheri is jelly that Tara is getting paid … wonder if maybe she thought they’d bring her in?

Just thinking out loud.

Uh oh.

Not that we think this will do much damage to TLP; they enabled a predator, one of their founders harassed their only female co-founder via email, and they’re still going. Trump hate sells.



Seemed that way in the beginning.

Us too!



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