Terry McAuliffe’s campaign seems to be in a world of hurt right now. From his recent ad claiming NO NO, he really does think parents should be involved in their kid’s education to his desperate attempt to tie Glenn Youngkin to January 6, his entire approach has been a hot mess.

And now this with a 7 News reporter?


Note, before you watch the actual video of the interview keep in mind this reporter gave each candidate 20 minutes worth of questions to answer, and Youngkin sat through the entire interview.

Terrible Terry? Not so much.

Watch this:

Awwww, wassamatta Terry?

This was so awkward and cringe it was literally painful to sit through and watch it.

McAuliffe doesn’t think voters care about education and crime.

Wow, could this guy be more out of touch with Virginia?

Terry flipped out because he couldn’t lie about it.

We have all the receipts.

And if he complains about Biden that won’t play well with the VP who is coming to campaign for McAuliffe on Thursday. We only wish this reporter had asked him about her video being played in 300+ churches throughout Virginia BUT we’ll take what we can get.

Good luck.

This isn’t even about whether or not you want a Republican or a Democrat, this is about the type of person Virginia wants running the state.

A big a*s baby who throws a tantrum and storms off because he didn’t like a question has no business being governor, anywhere.

Get this guy a banky, he needs a nappy.

Not a great look when you’re just two weeks out from the actual election, McAwful.




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