Might wanna gird those loins, Judd.

Just sayin’.

It all started here:


When you look at it this way they SHOULD be worried. Parents are ticked, and rightfully so.

Take a look at how he responded:

That Judd’s takeaway is ‘racism’ seems a bit shallow and quite honestly, deliberately disingenuous. Sure, Asra was pointing out how diverse the parents pushing back are (since McAuliffe called their concerns a ‘racist dog whistle’) but the key point here was their ridiculing those parents to pretend they’re just paid operatives whose concerns are not real.


Because no parent could ever just care enough to fight back for their kids.

Yeah, that sounds pretty damn bad.

Good point.

Notice how once again he’s deliberately missing the point.

Nobody is THIS obtuse.

He’s being called out for ignoring the very real movement of PARENTS pushing back and fighting to fix public education for their kids. Take for example Fairfax mom, Stacey Langton, who called Fairfax OUT bigtime for inappropriate books in the library.

She was none too happy with Judd:


He just made the whole effort out to be something other than parents, that’s all.


As we said, gird your loins, dude.

Judd decided to defend the p0rn.

Alrighty then.

Ain’t that the truth?

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