You know, the fact Terry McAuliffe is releasing ads in the last two weeks before the election trying to DEFEND himself doesn’t sound like a winning or positive move for his campaign. Not to mention trying to pretend he didn’t LITERALLY say he doesn’t believe parents should have a say in what their children are taught when WE HEARD HIM SAY IT, and claiming Youngkin is taking him out of context is just pathetic.

Look at how desperate Terry is for people to believe he cares SO MUCH about our kids.

Excuse us, we just threw up in our mouths a little.

Does anyone really buy this? We know he’s a Clinton lackey but OMG wow, just a train wreck.




Let’s hope he’s losing.

Virginia won’t survive his being governor.

Must be.

It certainly doesn’t read like an ad from a confident campaign.

Oh yeah, that. McAuliffe’s kids all went to a very expensive private school where his wife sat on the board. Pretty sure they had a say in what was being taught to their kids, but he doesn’t want the same for parents of kids in public school.


He could just save himself the embarrassment and step aside.

We like that.

It’s not just his words, but McAuliffe’s record …

Generally dismissive of parents.

Because the unions own him.


Youngkin was ready for this though:

How did McAuliffe win the first time, Virginia? This guy is a disaster!




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