As Twitchy readers know, Joe Biden was caught without a mask in a very busy DC restaurant, blatantly breaking D.C.’s mask mandate. If this had been an everyday American he or she would have been chased down and directed to cover their face for the 20 seconds or so it takes to walk to the table.

But since it’s always been ‘rules for thee but not for me,’ they let Joe do what he wants.

You’d think if masks really worked at keeping people from catching the virus, the nearly 80-year-old guy who happens to be the leader of the free world would be wearing one no matter what. And yet, here we are.

RedSteeze’s response was actually perfect:

Exactly. If Biden really believes they work, he should wear one.

For whatever reason, Steeze’s tweet really upset Daniel Newman, who we had never heard of until we looked him up. Apparently, he’s an actor? Looking at his tweet we can see why people pay him to read the words of someone else.

See if you can make sense of this hot mess:

Because as we all know, RedSteeze was a HUGE Trump guy. Oh, wait … no.

What the hell is ‘yawls’? Was he trying to say, ‘Ya’ll?’

This is painful.

Steeze responded:

Note, Daniel used this same basic tweet earlier when tweeting to Breaking 911.

Nobody responded then.


We’re still trying to figure it out.




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