We suppose we should say ‘thanks’ to this nasty, mouthy, we assume woman calling Virginia voters ‘stupid’ to rally the troops for McAuliffe. Granted, Democrats have based their entire agenda on how much they dislike people in general and believe they’re not smart enough to do or think for themselves, but to outright call voters stupid just two weeks before the election?


Not a great look.

Especially with McAuliffe standing behind her with that dumb look on his face and not correcting her …

This is what they really think of you, Virginia.

Wake up.

Because calling voters names in 2016 worked out so well for Hillary.


Because they are really just that arrogant. They believe anyone who disagrees with them must just be stupid and needs to be educated.

By them, of course.

Bite. Your. Tongue.

He really is.

Although saying that is an insult to train wrecks everywhere.

Hell YEAH.



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