Nothing like a former Clinton lackey interviewing the guy who worked to spread the very lie they hoped would help Hillary win an election because that’s not a conflict of interest or a bias or anything.

‘Out of the Shadows’.

It really is like they’re trying to make Steele into some great hero who was only doing his part to save America or something … it’s bizarre.

And it’s a crock.

Hunter’s laptop proves Democrats always accuse Republicans of the very things they are guilty of.



Yup, summed up that interview.

But nobody called Steele out better than Svetlana Lokhova, the woman Steele smeared by spreading the lie she had an affair with General Flynn:

Wait, Steele is a liar?

Gosh, we’re shocked.



If Steele sat down with George Papadopoulos it would NOT go well for him.

But we might actually get some answers.



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