Kamala Harris is just SO awful.

We hate to break it to Kamala, but people with developmental disabilities don’t need her or the government’s permission to be ‘allowed’ in society. What an elitist, backwards, and ugly comment, not to mention the strange cackle in the middle of it.

This is the best the Democrats have to offer?

So Kamala thinks we need to pass legislation so people with disabilities ‘can be allowed’ to function in society. Really? Because gosh, the last time we looked there were plenty of people of all abilities out there functioning in society without her or the government’s permission.

She really has no clue which is yet another reminder that Joe picked her for her sex and color.

You know what, we’ll just get out of the way because Zelda Gabriel said it much better:

What she said.

And she said a lot more:

This. ^


That sums Kamala fairly well.



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