Protecting Loudoun County and Democrats. We see you, media.

Luke Rosiak, the bada*s who busted the Loudoun County schools rape story wide open, has noticed something quite telling about how the local media in Virginia is covering HIS story.

They’re not talking about how the schools concealed the rape.

And how they had no intention of telling anyone about it until they were caught.

Our guess is they’re avoiding that part of the story because they know the concealment was made possible by a law the teacher’s union pushed for, a law Virginia’s Democrat-majority General Assembly passed, and a law Ralph Northam signed. They know if they admit that part it could hurt Terry McAuliffe and other Democrats in the election in two weeks.

Politics over kids.

In a legitimate media world, Luke would absolutely get a Pulitzer for this. But we’re in a world where our media is a total clown show …



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