Hey guys, good news! The real reason our shelves are bare is that Joe Biden has done such a RAD job with the country companies can’t keep up with customer demand or something.

Pete Buttigieg says so.

Oh, Mayor Pete, this is just embarrassing.

Shelves aren’t bare when you’re coming out of a recession.

And Tapper just sits there with his thumb up his backside.

THIS is the real reason for the disruption and notice Pete doesn’t bring it up. ^

Right? If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

They will believe it because they WANT TO believe it.

Oh yeah, he’s perfect for this abhorrent administration. Not to mention he allowed ol’ Joe to check off a box on his identity politics Bingo card.

Sadly it’s all too real.

Especially when you have so many media outlets willing to do the spinning for you.

Really? This is the same administration that told us Americans weren’t stranded in Afghanistan because they WANTED TO BE THERE.

Obama would be proud.



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