Terry McAuliffe has run a dirty, ugly, nasty campaign claiming that it’s grassroots. We’re pretty sure bringing in Joe and Jill Biden, Obama, Stacey Abrams, Tim Kaine and a bunch of other famous Democrats (many of whom do not live in Virginia) is like the opposite of grassroots.

Not to mention Kamala Harris recording a video to be played in Black churches and of course this nasty stunt from Dominion Energy. McAuliffe promised he wouldn’t take any money from them, but then they turned around and donated money to a PAC that has been creating ads to disenfranchise Republicans, attacking Glenn Youngkin as if they were a right-leaning org fighting for gun rights.

Yeah, this is bad.

Tom Cotton explained it way better:

They are literally trying to suppress the GOP vote in Virginia by feeding them misinformation on Glenn Youngkin.

How that’s not illegal is beyond us but nothing sadly surprises us anymore when it comes to Democrats.

Dominion Energy serves all of Virginia so in essence, they used Virginians’ dollars to fund this.

Awful, yes?

Keep going.

Exactly. What are they getting from Terry in exchange for that $200k? Rate hike? When a candidate is owned by so many organizations, companies, and groups, they are all going to want their payback if Terry is elected, and that payback will come at the expense of Virginians.

Silly, they only ban misinformation on the right.

And guess what? Sounds like CEO Robert Blue did think about those consequences … lol.

So either this CEO is lying to save his bacon and throwing McAuliffe under the bus OR McAuliffe is even worse than we thought.

Just how DIRTY is Terry McAuliffe?

Well, he is a Clintonite … so pretty damn dirty.



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