Usually, Twitter LOVES to verify a progressive troll – that they have NOT verified this d-bag speaks volumes.


Look at our favorite rage-donkey, Tony Posnanski. They verified him.

But not this one.

When you’re too awful as a Lefty even for Twitter?

Bad take.

Awful take.

Even science says this is a bad take … UNLESS of course ‘Jeff’ is saying the vaccine doesn’t work?

Nah, he or she or it really just wanted a nasty tweet to send out that would hurt people.

That’s what trolls do, for attention.

We made a similar face.

Stunningly gross, agreed.

We’ve seen bologna sandwiches with a greater capacity to think and tweet.

Calling this person a tool is an insult to tools everywhere.

Gosh, looks like he or she or it has a long record of saying horrible stuff.


Oops again.


Knock it off.



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