David Weissmann, the Trump supporter who changed his evil Trumpy ways after an exchange with Sarah Silverman, has been found out. We used to write about him when he’d put out his ridiculous tweets (which his odd cult following would retweet), but he whined so much that we were ‘bullying him’ that it took the fun out of it.

A little.

This thread though? Holy cow.

Had to share this one … seems Dave may have some explaining to do.

Take a look:

Note – we can neither confirm nor deny the details of this thread, just putting it out there. Oh, and the fact he ran after it was posted seems a bit damning but again, we’re just sharing.




If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d see our own backsides.


‘Bit of a stretch.’

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Couldn’t have people thinking he didn’t just SEE THE LIGHT after Sarah Silverman tweeted him, right? Had to go for the real drama and impact.

Liars hate getting caught.

Makes his fight look that much more meaningful if he’s fighting his FAMILY TOO.


Another piece that he needed for his story to really matter.



Kicked. Out.

Keep going …

Just. Wow.

It gets worse.

Used his wife as collateral to get out of Israel.

You would think this is a big deal.

Pretending to be someone he’s not.

Hey, this is pretty typical on Twitter but David’s story is so damning.

The Left protects their villains.

We know.


Retweet rooms.

Well, that reads. No wonder he gets so many.

GOT so many.

Hundreds of thousands of people deserve to know the truth.

He ran.


And people will absolutely be fooled because he will play the victim … like he used to do with us everytime we wrote about him.


The material matters, not the typos.

Comparing the former Trump supporter who turned against him to Trump himself.




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