HOOboy … how long before the Left try to cancel their HERO who wrote their favorite book EVER, Handmaid’s Tale? Someone should probably tell her saying woman is a big no-no now or something because a few hundred people in the country want to erase women since their mere existence is oppressing to them.

Or something.

Hey man, we don’t buy this crap.

And neither does Margaret Atwood:

Guess how this went over?

We know you know people lost their minds but you know, we needed a tie into these ridiculous tweets.

Ok, MAN. Tell a woman she can’t say woman.

That reads.

Or we can just keep saying women instead of trying to erase them from society.

Who are these people?

Boosting women is profoundly disappointing.

Alrighty then.

Oh no!

Whatever will she do with only 2.1 million followers left?!



Anti-trans dog whistle.

This. Is. Ri-damn-diculous.

Truly recoiled?


How pathetic that this is their reaction. They use her book for YEARS to #Resist Trump … maybe instead of trying to cancel her they should listen to her?

Oh, we know they won’t but still.



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