Randi Weingarten is a warthog from Hell.

Not even sorry for that.

She really is the epitome of awful, nasty – she is the worst sort of ‘servant.’

On what planet did she think this tweet about what the unions LITERALLY DID TO OUR KIDS would work in her favor?

We can’t decide if Randi completely lacks self-awareness OR if she’s just this evil.

Maybe a little bit of both.

Luckily, plenty of tweeps were happy to remind her just WHO put these poor kids through Hell for the last 18 months …

Ding ding ding.

Like an arsonist complaining about all the fires.

Not holding our breath.

But here we REALLY go:

Calling union teachers monsters is a literal insult to monsters.

Corey DeAngelis just went OFF, and it’s glorious:

Told you he went off.

And with good reason. What Randi and her union lackeys did to kids (and continue to do via masking) is unforgivabe. She seems to think if she pretends she cares about the students just a little bit we’ll stop holding her and the politicians SHE OWNS accountable for their actions.

She’s wrong.

We won’t forget.



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