We kinda sorta totally love Rose McGowan. Especially in a world where people get their feelings hurt over a comedian and when they can’t get him or her canceled, throw a tantrum and walk out.

Her little ‘letter’ to the ‘whiny U.S. Netflix employees’ is one of our favorite things today.

Take a look:

Piss off you brats.

That’s our favorite part.

We don’t hear that enough these days. Maybe if we did, there would be fewer brats who needed to piss off.

She continued:

What Rose said.

She really is.

In a world where people are being canceled for having a sense of humor, let alone saying how they really feel, Rose is one tough cookie.

It IS all so tiresome. We don’t really see anyone cheering on the Netflix employees except the same people who were mad about Chappelle’s show in the first place. They’re not changing minds or convincing anyone.

They’re just annoying us all.

And that’s why she’s a queen.



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