Remember this morning when Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, in an effort to walk back her recent comments to Jake Tapper, like about how she doesn’t regret likening the U.S. and Israel to terrorists and about how her Jewish colleagues don’t care about injustice, tweeted out a long thread about how she’s not antisemitic? How she has many Jewish friends (who happen to be anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic)? How she wasn’t actually saying the stuff that she said when she said it to Jake Tapper?

We were wondering how long we’d have to wait before she decided to walk back the walkback of the walkback of the walkback.

We didn’t have to wait very long at all:

“Islamophobic tropes” has actually become a trope with Ilhan Omar. She loves to bust that out when she’s been backed into a corner despite having absolutely zero evidence to back it up. And on top of that, she wants an apology, as if she is the wronged party here.

It’s disgusting. It’s shameless. And it’s absolutely 100% on-brand for her.

And Democrats and the media know it and don’t give a damn.