Ilhan Omar’s most recent antisemitic remarks to Jake Tapper have even managed to get the attention of Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt:

And that’s no small feat, as Greenblatt is notoriously soft on Democratic antisemitism.

We’re not sure whether Rep. Omar got another talking-to from a colleague or she’s decided to try doing damage control of her own volition, but either way, we’re not impressed by any of this:

Well, those Jews are the kind who hate Israel and fail against other Jews, so naturally Omar finds them much more palatable.

In Ilhan Omar’s mind, the only good Jew is the antisemitic kind.

*All* her colleagues, except for the icky Jewish ones. They don’t care about injustice because they’re the ones doing the injustice.

The day we join Ilhan Omar in her quest for justice is the day after hell freezes over.

Stay tuned for next week, when she tells Jake Tapper that she doesn’t regret not regretting the antisemitic things she’s said.



Only took her a few hours: