Last night, a group of 12 House Democrats — all Jews, because apparently the rest were too busy — issued a statement calling on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar “to clarify her words” about the United States and Israel committing the same level of “unthinkable atrocities” as the likes of Hamas and the Taliban.

Well, in her response, Ilhan Omar definitely clarified some things:

It should be crystal-clear to anyone with eyes, ears, and a brain that Ilhan Omar is going to keep saying things like this — and she’s not going to be sorry about it.

Props to Ilhan Omar for consistency. She pulls this crap every time she gets called out for being awful. Without fail. There is literally nothing Islamophobic about the Democrats’ statement, but she knows that she can throw down the “Islamophobia” card and smear the U.S. and Israel with impunity because she will never face any real consequences for her words and actions.


One that she likely won’t ever have to elaborate on.

Nancy Pelosi has had multiple opportunities to publicly denounce Ilhan Omar and has squandered every single one of them.

The Democratic Party owns it.

As if.

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