Earlier this week, Democratic socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar — who was born in Somalia, the Land of Justice — put the United States and Israel into the same category as Hamas and the Taliban:

Last night, two days and change later, a group of Jewish House Democrats issued a statement calling Omar’s comments “offensive and misguided”:

Well, that’s something, we guess. Condemning the offensive remarks while not condemning the offensive person is certainly a response, albeit a completely ineffectual one.

We’re honestly not sure what this statement is supposed to accomplish, as there’s really no need for Ilhan Omar “to clarify her words.” Everyone knows exactly what she meant, because she says crap like this all the time. And Democrats never actually do anything about it other than issue weak statements like this.

We’ll be a lot more impressed when the Democrats decide to put their money where their mouths are.

We won’t hold our breath. They didn’t do anything about her any of the other times she said offensive things. Why should they start now?

It shouldn’t be hard. But for the Democratic Party, it’s all but impossible. Because there actually aren’t many decent men and women in Congress. Certainly not in the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party condones antisemitism.