Ilhan Omar came to the United States as a Somali refugee and became a member of U.S. Congress. That’s a pretty remarkable achievement.

So you’d think her fulfillment of the American Dream would have taught her that maybe there’s something to this whole American-exceptionalism thing. Alas, the only lesson Ilhan Omar seems to have learned is that America, like Israel, is no better than the likes of Hamas and the Taliban:

Where are people supposed to go for justice?

Where are people supposed to go for a U.S. Representative who doesn’t hate their country?

Ilhan Omar knows this, but as a genuine Hamas apologist, she’s not going to point that out. She threw Hamas in with the U.S. and Israel just to cling to some semblance of seriousness, but her words and actions have made it abundantly clear that she sides with Hamas in their quest to wipe Israel off the map.

The United States and Israel are far from perfect, but to lump them in with terrorist organizations is disingenuous, disgusting, and shameful.

Blinken shouldn’t have dignified her question with a response, unless that response was this one: