Earlier today, we covered the law firm retained by the Lincoln Project concluding their investigation and finding that the Lincoln Project didn’t know about John Weaver sexually preying upon young men, including some who were underage. This same law firm also employed lawyers who had reportedly donated to the Lincoln Project, which is just a coincidence, we’re sure.

Well anyway, The 19th journalist Amanda Becker has some thoughts about that. And, given the fact that now-former Lincoln Project senior adviser Kurt Bardella posted private messages between her and Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn (he was just too tired from fighting Trump to say no to the unnamed party that asked him to do it), Becker has some thoughts about this latest Lincoln Project news:

We’re sure she’s got some interesting information to share.

That’s a great question. If nothing Weaver did was “actionable,” why did the Lincoln Project seek out to undermine and destroy anyone who shined a light on it?

What it sounds like to us is that this law firm is attempting to cover up the Lincoln Project’s coverup of John Weaver’s sexual predation. In keeping with the Lincoln Project tradition of trying to bury inconvenient truths.