As Twitchy readers know, The Lincoln Project is filled with a bunch of old white men who couldn’t cut it with the GOP so they tucked tail and created a nasty organization to attack evil Republicans who didn’t want them (like Trump) and who are now starting to really show their true colors. Oh, we knew they were just glorified trolls ripping off gullible Lefties and Never Trumpers who wanted a ‘champion’ to make Trump PAY, but we had no idea they were co-founded by a man accused of sexually harassing young men (and boys!) or a group who would ‘steal’ a woman’s DMs with a journo to attack her on Twitter.

We say steal because Jennifer Horn said she did not give them consent to see let alone use her DMs in this way.

Once the sh*t really started hitting the fan over their thread (George Conway himself said it might be a federal crime?!) they deleted the thread BUT luckily Yashar Ali kept all the receipts.

This is a doozy, folks:

Gosh, it’s almost like the person posting to social media is nervous about what Jennifer Horn might tell Becker.

Wonder why.

Keep going.

Yes, they’re the victims here.


Any woman who works with this group should take note … just sayin’.

Awwww, isn’t that cute? Conway trying to pretend he’s not as awful as the rest of his co-founders.

Atta girl.

Note, Twitter suspended Project Vertias for doing far less.


So how did they get her DMs?

They really should drop the Lincoln part from their organization … they’re destroying his name.



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