Yeah yeah yeah, we know. Disingenuous hacks like Wajahat Ali are going to be disingenuous hacks but you’d think by now this guy would have figured out that all of his arguments are in bad faith and yet here we are.

It’s like he was trying to make Gina Carona’s point FOR HER.

Hateful conspiracy theorist.

For pointing out that an overreaching government punishing people for their thoughts and ideas is a bad thing.

What a monster.

This is not the way, Wajahat.

Oh look, Wajahat is making a bad faith argument accusing Republicans of bad faith arguments.

The irony.

If this editor hears the word ‘equity’ ONE MORE FREAKIN’ TIME …

He is ok when people HE agrees with say stupid crap and apologize for it, but not Gina who he called a hateful conspiracy theorist.






Those things as well.

He’s all schtick.

She was.



Or can he apologize?

But you know, it’s ok when people on the right are ‘canceled’ because of the mob.




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