Airstrikes are goo(D) again, guys.

Take it from Jen Psaki, who’s had quite a change of heart since she tweeted this in 2017:

And it was still a sovereign country last night when her boss, President Joe Biden, ordered the airstrike.

What’s nice for Jen is that when she finds herself in an awkward position like this, she knows she can count on Real Journalists like CNN’s Jake Tapper to have her back:

Jake Tapper is very, very good at straightforward reporting without editorializing. At least when a Democrat is in the hot seat.

Let’s be clear: we have no problem whatsoever with Jake Tapper simply reporting what people said. The problem is when journalists like Jake Tapper so brazenly refuse to extend that same courtesy to Republicans and conservatives. If you’re going to editorialize and let your personal bias bleed into your reporting, fine. Then own it. Don’t hide behind a mask of objectivity and professionalism. You don’t get to selectively enforce the rules of journalism and expect not to be called out for it.



Siraj Hashmi has put together a helpful visual to illustrate why airstrikes are ackshually good when Joe Biden orders them [pics]