David Hogg’s venture into the competitive pillow industry has been an absolute joy to behold:

Just one gem after another.

But this might be the greatest gem of all:

Hold up:

You should be. Because it’s hilarious.

The awesome power of money? But … but …

This kid, man. He’s something, isn’t he?

Harvard couldn’t’ve taught him a lesson like that.

Anyway, it’s nice that David Hogg has found a way to cash in on social justice — literally. Usually people don’t figure that out until they’re older.

*Chef’s kiss*

And not that we needed icing on this cake, but Hogg’s giving it to us anyway:

Ben Shapiro doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the spectacle of David Hogg not realizing things. And we’ll be right there with him.

If Hogg has been smart about one thing in all this, it’s getting into the pillow biz. Something tells us he’s still got a lot of faceplants left in him, and he’s gonna want something soft to land on.