David Hogg’s idea for a fully unionized pillow company to compete against Mike Lindell’s MyPillow has caught the attention of the AFL-CIO.

So far the business plan appears to be “at a future date sell a lot of pillows to people who don’t like MyPillow because their CEO is a big Trump supporter,” but Hogg obviously has high hopes for the company:

And what’s one of the first steps to get on the road to running a billion-dollar company? Crowdsourcing memes, just like it says in Business 101 textbooks:

We’re capitalists here at Twitchy, so if a company can get started and exist on its own, more power to ’em. But the business plan seems fairly… nonexistent so far.

Oh, and there’s this:

NOW how much would you pay? And judging from the replies Hogg has many on the hook and ready to order.

It could be entertaining keeping up with this story.

The ideas just keep on coming!