Media, particularly CNN, can’t seem to get enough of GOP Rep. Martha McSally dismissing reporter Manu Raju as “a liberal hack.” CNN has spent the past 24 hours or so feigning righteous indignation over McSally’s “unbecoming” insult, which has been great for them because it gives them a chance to prove that they’re capable of discussing something beyond how evil and awful Donald Trump is. They now have an excuse to discuss their favorite subject: themselves.

Anderson Cooper’s definitely loving this little Martha McSally outrage cycle. He saw an opportunity to end his show on a high and mighty note last night, and boy, did he seize it:

So … he closed it like a petulant douchebag.

That wasn’t important.

They sure did!

Between Manu Raju and Anderson Cooper, CNN’s already bursting at the seams with stunning bravery.