CNN’s Manu Raju is a little bent out of shape after Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally called him a “liberal hack” after he asked her a question this morning:

We can’t stop laughing at how funny this video is:

And, TBH, we need to talk about Manu’s sexist behavior here (are we doing this right?):

Too many “Manus” think this is acceptable behavior!

Sen. McSally is owning it and even tweeted out the encounter from a different angle:

And now it’s Raju who’s in the middle of the story:

Journos and other lib blue-checks are rushing to defend Raju:


Yes, the former combat pilot is “having a meltdown”:

Again, former combat pilots don’t crack under the pressure of CNN’s journos:

Eric Swalwell wants people to swamp her phone lines over it:

Ok, Howard: