Elizabeth Warren appears to have been busted in another lie, thanks to some intrepid journalism by Jeryl Bier and the Washington Free Beacon. And our best and bravest media firefighters can’t have the public thinking that Warren’s just a pathological liar with a deranged compulsion to perpetuate a victimhood mythology, can they? No sir. That’s why they’re shifting their narrative somewhat, from “Elizabeth Warren was fired for being pregnant” to “other women have been fired for being pregnant, so obviously that’s what happened to Elizabeth Warren even though she said years earlier that she had resigned on her own.”

Take it away, John Harwood:

See what he did there?

Fantastic journalisming as usual, John.


Well, it’s probably a little easier for John knowing that he doesn’t have to carry all that water by himself:

And there are still plenty more where that came from.

The only reason newsrooms have to give Warren the benefit of the doubt is that they’ve made her their chosen one. And that means protecting her at any cost — including the cost of their integrity (or, rather, what’s left of their integrity).

Some parting related reading from Becket Adams:



USA Today, ladies and gents:

Like clockwork.

Editor’s note: Tweets about CNN’s take have been removed from this post for use in a separate post. You can read that post here.



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