Color Matt Yglesias unimpressed with the Washington Free Beacon’s scoop on Elizabeth Warren apparently lying about having been fired for being “visibly pregnant”:

The irony of Matt Yglesias — who works for Vox — denigrating another outlet’s “zero editorial standards” is certainly not lost on us.

And if by “making sh*t up,” Matt means “obtaining and examining county records and other contemporaneous sources,” then yes, the Free Beacon made sh*t up. That seems to be the definition Dan Pfeiffer is operating under as well:

Oh, the “political media” definitely failed. The political mainstream media, that is. The Free Beacon (and also, it must be noted, Jeryl Bier) did the job their supposed journalistic betters were supposed to do, and Warren’s media apologists are pissed. As far as Warren herself goes, she only passed in the sense that she succeeded in getting the MSM to do her bidding once again. But she’s also demonstrated that she’s evidently a pathological liar, which makes her officially a failure as a person.

For reference:

But the Free Beacon is the bad guy for drawing more attention to Warren’s penchant for lying.

Parting evergreen reminder:

Keep it up, media firefighters. You’re on a roll.

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