As Twitchy told you earlier, the talking points have evidently gone out and media firefighters are tripping all over themselves to rewrite the narrative surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s apparent lie about getting fired from a teaching job for being “visibly pregnant.” Now, they’re going with “well, other women got fired for being pregnant, so Elizabeth Warren obviously did, too. That whole business about her stating in 2007 — on video, no less — that she had resigned on her own because she needed more credentials is immaterial, because the media’s only job as far as they are concerned is protecting Elizabeth Warren and ensuring that she’s elected president next year.

Well, CNN’s taking the new narrative and running like hell with it:

In his “analysis,” CNN’s Brandon Tensley cites Kamala Harris getting “pulled” into a sexual assault case at a law firm where her husband works and speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health, along with discussion of Warren’s pregnancy story, as evidence that asking questions about sketchy stories like Warren’s is inherently sexist:

Each of these examples is, in its own way, a distillation of age-old policing mechanisms and double standards. Each also shines a light on the inveterate sexism — women as unreliable narrators, women as answerable for their husbands’ professional lives, women as weak — that still, today, takes up so much space in the narrative.

Or to use Warren’s own words, “I don’t know what else you’d call it.”

We certainly know what we’d call CNN’s “analysis”: Hot garbage.

Pretty neat trick, isn’t it?

Do they think we’re just too stupid to notice what they’re doing?

Exactly like firefighters.

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