Al Jazeera English’s Mehdi Hasan, one of Ilhan Omar’s most loyal and vocal cheerleaders, thinks that the wake of Donald Trump’s remarks about Democratic Jews’ “disloyalty” would be a good opportunity to remind you that Donald Trump has a history of flirting with anti-Semitism. Here’s the list Mehdi’s put together:

Did we miss the memo stating that Donald Trump’s issues with anti-Semitism totally negate Ilhan Omar’s? We get that Omar’s trying to pretend like she’s got a moral leg to stand on and everything, but surely even her good friend Mehdi can admit that maybe she’s not in the best position to lecture anyone on the evils of anti-Semitism, right?

Of course he can’t admit that. Doing so would require admitting that Ilhan Omar is a chronic, unapologetic anti-Semite. And that’s just not something he’s willing to do.

Mehdi Hasan is not interested in an intellectually honest examination of anti-Semitism in this country. If he were, he’d put down his sword and stop white-knighting for Ilhan Omar.

Actually, quite a few Democrats and members of the nonexistent “liberal media” have been screaming “anti-Semite” at Trump, despite having ignored or excused Omar and Tlaib’s anti-Semitism.

Mehdi’s not so much committed to defending Jews from anti-Semitism as he is to defending left-wing anti-Semites.

But he’ll still make time to brand any critic of his and Omar’s an Islamophobe:

God forbid Mehdi put his money where his big mouth is and stand up for what’s right instead of standing up for Ilhan Omar.




What the hell? Do the Democrats even give a damn that Ilhan Omar is openly pushing Hamas propaganda?