We can’t wait to see how Seth Meyers will rationalize this anti-Semitic bullsh*t from Ilhan Omar:

Honest to God, what does Ilhan Omar have to do to be categorically condemned by the Left for her anti-Semitism? Does she need to stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody?

Here’s another thread Omar pushed out to her more than one million followers:

For Omar to openly peddle Hamas propaganda is not only shameful; it’s inexcusable.

She won’t apologize. And on the infinitesimal chance that she would, she wouldn’t mean it. She’s not sorry for her anti-Semitism. She’s never been sorry for it.

Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semitic parasite on humanity. You can pretty much set your watch by her anti-Semitism. And yet, she not only got elected to U.S. Congress but she is frequently held up by progressives as some kind of intersectional heroine.

The best we can hope for is more excuses for Omar’s anti-Semitic bigotry. So don’t hold your breath. But no amount of excuses will change the fact that the Democratic Party owns the shame that is Ilhan Omar.

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