As Twitchy told you yesterday, Rolling Stone beclowned themselves with a scorching-hot take on why the Betsy Ross flag is so problematic.

According to writer EJ Dickson, the flag is bad because it’s been appropriated by white supremacists.

Dickson failed to make a compelling case for that, though she did cite “many on social media,” i.e. serial liar Adam Best, for support, along with several people who said the flag isn’t really a white supremacist symbol. So Rolling Stone had that going for them.

Well anyway, Rolling Stone is hardly alone in suddenly deciding that the Betsy Ross flag is problematic and racist and whatnot. There are plenty of other liberals who feel the same way. And writer-producer-director Marshall Herskovitz (“Thirtysomething,” “Traffic,” “The Last Samurai”) is sick and tired of it. If you check out Herskovitz’s Twitter feed, you’ll discover very quickly that he’s quite a vocal liberal. But unlike so many others, he’s still able to recognize liberal stupidity when he sees it. Yesterday, he

Well said.

You may not agree with Herskovitz on specific policy issues, but he still deserves props for speaking truth about what the Betsy Ross flag represents.

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