If there’s a bigger glutton for punishment out there than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’d love to meet them. Because despite everything that’s happened over the past several days, she’s still pushing forward, full steam ahead:

It’s worth noting that the only “concentration camp experts + historians” whose expertise she’s considering are the ones shamelessly twisting themselves into pretzels to pretend she didn’t say what she actually said. The concentration camp experts and historians at the Auschwitz Museum and Yad Vashem, among others, apparently aren’t worth her time or consideration.

Nevertheless, she persisted. In exposing herself as an ignorant, disingenuous, intellectually dishonest piece of garbage.

AOC doesn’t give a damn that “concentration camps,” about as loaded a term as there is, doesn’t accurately reflect the situation at the border. Her only goal is scoring the cheapest of political points in order to further deify herself. Meanwhile, she’s only demonstrating that she’s every bit as awful as we knew her to be — and then some. If she were truly concerned about the welfare of illegal immigrants being detained at the border, she wouldn’t’ve waited until now to deploy her outrage.

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

Just like her media defenders, AOC’s memory only appears to go back as far as Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

She’s not interested in keeping up. She’s only interested in digging her designer heels in deeper.

She’s definitely not convincing us.

She will never apologize — and she will never stop. That may serve her well now, but pride goeth before a fall, and she’s setting herself up for one hell of a plunge.