During today’s hearing, Rachel Mitchell brought up the polygraph test Christine Blasey Ford took in early August, a test that was supposed to lend credence to Ford’s story but in reality only made Ford’s story look sketchier.

Or maybe — just maybe — Mitchell is just trying to get to the bottom of this. In that case, she’s got her work cut out for her:

Uh, OK. And then there’s this:

Think that’s a little strange? It gets weirder. Apparently it was the same day as her grandmother’s funeral or something.

Though Ford doesn’t know when that was.

Are your spidey senses tingling? Well, brace yourselves, because there’s more still:

Maybe there were more than just those two vague questions. But it looks like we won’t find out:

Would you believe there’s even more?

Sorry, what?

Again, we’re being asked to trust in Dr. Ford’s memory from several decades ago, but we’re expected to accept that she can’t remember important details from just weeks ago?

It really does.

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