Based on her opening statement released yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford was entering today’s hearing at a disadvantage, credibility-wise. This doesn’t do her any favors, either:

We don’t contend that people who suffer from a fear of flying never get on a plane. But the fact that Ford was willing to travel to Maryland and undergo a super-sketchy polygraph test but refused repeatedly to fly to Washington to meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee, and didn’t take advantage of Chuck Grassley’s offer to fly Senate Judiciary Staff to California to meet with her, suggests that at the very least, her fear of flying is highly selective.

Some of Ford’s behavior is consistent with that of an assault victim. She may very well have been assaulted in the past, if not by Brett Kavanaugh, then by someone else. But her case has been damaged by her own inconsistencies and by the shady and possibly unethical conduct of her legal counsel. She’s got an uphill battle ahead of her.

One thing’s for sure: