As Twitchy told you, this afternoon, Jake Tapper confronted Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison about his cozy relationship with Louis Farrakhan. Needless to say, Ellison didn’t appreciate Tapper bringing it up. And for the record, neither did Oliver Willis:

We don’t know, Oliver … you’re pretty transparent, yourself.

Obsessed with exposing Farrakhan for the anti-Semitic, homophobic bigot he is, maybe. Oliver should care about that, too. Especially since Ellison’s far from the only prominent Democrat or liberal who’s willingly associated with Farrakhan.

Democratic politicians have been hanging out with Farrakhan  — or, at the very least, refusing to condemn him — for years now. If Farrakhan were David Duke, and Republicans were having dinner or taking selfies with him, Oliver Willis would be flipping his lid. Guess Farrakhan’s just the right kind of virulent racist.

Seriously, Oliver. Just own it already. And while you’re at it, send those tweets out again and be sure to use Tapper’s Twitter handle so he sees them. You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and who better than Tapper himself to deliver it?

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