In case you missed it, over the weekend, Louis Farrakhan delivered a virulently anti-Semitic speech … which was met with thumbs up from Women’s March organizers in attendance:

Shockingly enough, most of the MSM didn’t seem to notice. But Jake Tapper sure did, and today, he shared details from Farrakhan’s appalling and hateful tirade:

Tapper deserves major props for using his platform to tell the truth about Louis Farrakhan and the people who embrace him.

Tapper even suggested that Farrakhan is more poisonous than the maggots on the Alt-Right:

Tapper makes an excellent — and very important — point. But some people just can’t handle the truth when it hurts their narrative. Former Media Matters minion Oliver Willis is one of those people:

Jake Tapper? A right-wing virtue signaler?

If Willis was hoping to make Tapper sorry for telling inconvenient truths, he was setting himself up to be sorely disappointed. And when we say “sorely,” we mean it — because Tapper’s response most definitely left a mark:

Mic. Drop.