As we’ve told you, there’s no shortage supposed feminists who have been tripping all over themselves in the race to defend or excuse Al Franken’s alleged sexual predation (allegations supported by a now-infamous photo of Franken apparently groping Leeann Tweeden while she slept). This verbal vomit from Resistance writer and self-proclaimed “#nastywoman” Vivian Copeland definitely belongs in the hall of fame:

Busting out the centerfold, huh?

Nothing whatsoever. But Vivian was only getting started:

“Agreed” being the operative word there, Vivian. She didn’t agree to be violated or degraded while she slept.

Should actresses who have done nude scenes and also allege to have been harassed or molested by Harvey Weinstein not expect to be taken seriously?

No proof? There’s an effing photo.

There. Is. A. Photo.

Sure seems like Vivian is out to destroy her.

And there it is: Tweeden likes the wrong things, so it’s OK to impugn her character.

A different era? It was 2006!

Actually, victim shaming is exactly what this is.