Sasha Stone called the allegations against Al Franken “nonsense.” MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt dismissed Franken’s clear violation of a sleeping Leeann Tweeden as “mock-groping.” Joy Reid heaped praise upon Franken’s questionable apology.

None of those women had anything on “Nasty Women” co-editor and feminist Resistance™ warrior Kate Harding. Buckle up, kids, because this is a genuinely bumpy ride:

Think that’s nuts? It gets worse.

Infinitely worse:

(“Gilead” is a “Handmaid’s Tale” reference. Because of course.

And apparently that lets Franken off the hook or something.

Confidential to Kate: Plenty of women think you’re nuts, too.

Again with “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

This is a pretty sad excuse for feminism. Not gonna lie.

Here’s Jill Filipovic with the assist:

No. No bingo.

Feminism’s come a long way, baby.