We would say, ‘You’ve gotta be KIDDING us that she gave Al Franken a pass,’ but it is Joy Reid we’re talking about.

And hey, Al is ‘rethinking’ what he can get away with when it comes to women … when they’re asleep.


How Joy can see ANY of this crap as ‘welcome’ makes zero sense. Every day it seems like there are new allegations against some jackass in DC or in Hollywood; this isn’t political, this is truly about power corrupting.

And it’s happening on both sides of the aisle.

But he figured it out NOW that it’s wrong and stuff.



We agree. Men know better and if they don’t, they’re a morally bankrupt pig like Al.

Check out the Franken apologists on this thread (but grab your barf bag first):


So because Al is a morally bankrupt pig they all are.


Just one time. He only molested that woman the one time … only that’s not true and at least one other woman has come forward.

But nice try.

THIS is what women need to hear? Seriously?

Because all that matters is politics. Right?

All of this being said, we agree with this gal:

Just. Don’t. Do. It.

This isn’t difficult.


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