Alyssa called out Al Franken, color us surprised.

After we checked to see if Hell froze over since Alyssa actually agrees with us on something, we went back to read through the replies to her tweet, and as one would expect, they are angrier at Alyssa for calling Al out than they are what Al has allegedly done.

This is why politics should play NO part with sexual abuse/harassment accusations are on the line.

Oh, it’s just that ONE PHOTO, right?

*shakes head*

So it takes hordes of women accusing Franken in order for this gal to believe it.

Politics is horrible.

What does Trump have to do with this?!?! Does Franken deserve a pass because he’s a Democrat?

Stop it.

But we bet this person is more than confident in the accusations against Moore, ‘timing AF’ or not.

Not bad, Alyssa.


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